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We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.


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Encinitas Toastmasters meets every Thursday night from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at Encinitas Country Day School and visitors are always welcome free of charge. The only requirement to observe our meeting is to show up! You don't even have to speak unless you want to! If you have any questions or comments about our meetings, you can email our club president Michelle Neisler or you can leave an e-mail at this site and we will respond.
We hope to see you soon!

Encinitas Toastmasters Executive Board 2014
President Michelle Neisler
Vice President of Education Jocelyn Brommelsiek
Vice President of Membership

Ben Collins

Vice President of Public Relations Brent Ringoot, ACB
Treasurer Moorthy Palanki
Secretary Carol Davis
Sergeant at Arms Jill Karson
Vice President of Mentorship John Swan

Immediate Past President

Matt Mueller

Toastmaster's Basic Speech Program

Although there are a large number of 'long termers' in any Toastmasters club, most members of Toastmasters are relative newcomers who are working toward achieving a basic qualification in public speaking, known as the Competent Communicator or CC. When a new member joins the club, they are given the Basic Manual, which provides them with the guidelines they need to achieve the CC qualification.

The Basic Manual is divided into ten stages, and each Toastmaster needs to deliver ten speeches - one for each stage. How long they take to deliver all ten speeches is up to them. The first speech is the icebreaker speech. The aim of this is to introduce yourself to the club, and to control your nerves in front of a group of people. The second speech is not much different: you are asked to select a topic that is close to your heart, and to expound on this for five minutes or so. Again, the focus of this speech is very much on controlling your nerves.

The next four speeches are more technical. They concentrate in turn on organizing the speech into a logical structure, using body language effectively, raising and lowering the tone and rate of your voice, and selecting the right words to maximize the impact on the audience. The later speeches focus more on the art of speech craft bringing all your technical skills together, using props and flipcharts, designing a persuasive speech, and finally, delivering a speech that inspires your audience.

This program can seem daunting, but it is actually a lot of fun. The main thing to remember is that you are among friends, so if you freeze up, or forget your lines, or miss an entire section of the speech midway, no one will belittle you or laugh at you. As you go from speech to speech, your style will improve. You will be told about things that are effective in your speaking style, and you will be alerted to unconscious distractions. You will become more confident about your speaking ability and less afraid to speak coherently in front of a large audience.
President's Message
Michelle Neisler

Welcome to Encinitas Toastmasters. Please join us for a great time and the opportunity to grow!

At Encinitas Toastmasters we work together each Thursday evening to develop effective communication and leadership skills. Our club provides a friendly, supportive environment and the tools and encouragement to help you meet your goals.

A few years ago I became frustrated by my fear of public speaking. I then realized that every aspect of my life would benefit if I could communicate more effectively and comfortably. The next step was to find a Toastmasters Club.  Encinitas Toastmasters was a very pleasant surprise.  Every meeting is a testament to the member’s commitment to encourage, mentor and celebrate every step we take. I walk away from each meeting with a sense of accomplishment and a smile on my face.

It is inspiring to watch members grow with each meeting. Whether they present a speech or take a role to help facilitate the meeting, each step expands their confidence and moves them closer to their personal goals.  This certainly has been true for me.  A few short months ago I never would have believed that I would have the confidence to pursue the role of club President. Yet here I am and it is my pleasure to serve our club members.

Considering my last statement, it will be no surprise that this term our club theme will be “Confidence”.  When I mentioned this to club members, many responded with the inspirational saying that “Confidence comes with Competence”. So true! Please join us to become a more competent, confident communicator.

We meet every Thursday night at 7:00PM at the Encinitas Country Day School and we welcome guests and new members.
See you soon!

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